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The SP6016TRX series is a dedicated expandable track unit designed to deliver maximum cutting power in difficult access situations. This unit is powered by a 56HP(42KW) Kohler KDI Turbo Diesel engine, and comes standard with wireless remote control and backfill blade. Varible Hi / Low speed control delivers industry leading travel speed on and off the truck or trailer, and from stump to stump.

The SP6016TRX is equipped with a 32mm(1.25") thick, 53cm(21") diameter cutting wheel, letting you grind faster and smoother than ever before. The SP6016TRX Stump Grinder features a combination of unmatched stability and maneuverability. This compact expandable track machine has a varible width of 87.63cm(34.5") expanding to 138.43cm(54.5"), allowing it to fit easily through standard backyard gates and narrow access job opportunities. The SP6016TRX incorporates many of the features found in larger models including hardened bushings and shafts, counter balance valves on the lift, swing and hydraulic drive circuits. The SP6016TRX is currently available with a 56HP(42KW) Kohler KDI Turbo Diesel engine. Incorporated with a wide range of features, the SP6016TRX is designed to maximize production and profits, while minimizing downtime. Wireless remote control and a backfill blade are standard on this machine.

  • Large Cutting Wheel,  53cm (21")  & 32mm (1.25") thick, provides maximum cutting power and flywheel momentum
  • Remote control makes the SP6016TRX easy to operate and provide optimum user control, stay out of the dirt, dust and debri
  • Tapered roller bearings on jack shaft and cutter wheel provide long service life and reduced maintenance.
  • Turf friendly track expands from 87.63cm(34.5") to 138.43cm(54.5")
  • Back fill blade is standard assisting with clean up 
  • Razor cutting system is standard

SP6016 Wheeled Unit in Action

This video demonstrates wide range of features and the razor cutting system of the SP6016 Stump Grinder. This unit is engineered to provide unparalleled cutting power, even in the most challenging access scenarios. Watch as the SP6016 effortlessly tackles a large stump, demonstrating the performance and reliability that convinced this customer to choose Red Roo

SP6016TRX Stump Grinder grinding a pine stump

Join us as we witness the Red Roo SP6016TRX Stump Grinder in action, operated by Southern Pines Tree Service. No frills, just simplicity, effectiveness, and honesty. Make the best decision possible for your stump grinding profession.

SP6016 Grinding Cedar Stump

Witness the power and precision of the SP6016 Stump Grinder in action as it tackles a challenging task: grinding a cedar stump situated close to the wall and window of a garage. Whether you're a homeowner or a professional landscaper, this demonstration highlights the SP6016's ability to handle tough stump removal jobs with ease and efficiency. Don't miss out on this impressive display of performance and innovation!

Kohler KDI Engine Testimonial

Testimony of a rental company to the reliability and capabilities of the Kohler KDI Diesel engine



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56HP (41.76KW) Kohler KDI Turbo Diesel
30 Litres (8 Gallons)
312cm (123")
87.63cm (34.5") to 138.43cm (54.5")
170cm (67")
1973kg (4350lbs)
Cutter Wheel
32mm thick (1.1/4") thick
36 Razor Teeth
35cm (14")
Hard Micro Structure Carbide
Cutting Range
147cm (58")
Large Razor Cutter Wheel
Remote Controlled Operation / Stay Out Of Dirt, Dust, and Debris
Tapered Roller Bearings
Proprietary Dual Motor Ground Drive
Expandable Turf Friendly Track Drive System
Available In Two Wheel Or Four Wheel Options
Hydraulic Back Fill Blade Standard


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