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SG350 Stump Grinder (Manual)

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The Red Roo SG350 stump grinder has a proven design that has earned it a reputation as a favourite of the Arbor Industry and the demanding Hire and Rental Industry. Ideal for sites with narrow access, the SG350 is equipped with simple and safe controls helping make light work of tree stumps.

SG350 Stumpgrinder Demonstration

The SG350 Stump Grinder has a 16HP (12KW) VTWIN cylinder Engine and features a single sided brake to allow the machine to pivot. This video demonstrates the many features of the SG350 Stump Grinder and in particular illustrates how the SG350 has been designed with simplicity and safety in mind. The SG350 utilizes leading edge technology and incorporates precision engineered componentry.

13HP Stump Grinder

Unlike the SG350 demonstration video above this video demonstrates the significant amount of time taken to grind an average stump with a 13HP Stump Grinder compared to the more powerful Red Roo SG350 16HP Stump Grinder (See video above ). This is a significant issue when quoting competitive prices to customers and your own productivity.


This video is another example of a non Red Roo Stump Grinder that performs poorly. This video of the non Red Roo Stump Grinder clearly illustrates the slow grinding performance of the non Red Roo Stump Grinder when compared to the more powerful Red Roo SG350 Video shown above on this page. This is not a desirable experience for the Arborist or the customer.

Competitor takes 2.5 Hours to do one Stump !

This video illustrates the use of a competitors Stump Grinder to remove a relatively small stump which is 2ft in Diameter. The time taken to remove the stump was 2.5 hours which is not a productive use of a professional's time.



SG350 Stump Grinder Manual
SG350 Stump Grinder Electric Start
Tyre assembly
Electric Start Option
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16hp (12kw) V-Twin OHV Briggs & Stratton Vanguard
Donaldson® Cyclopac™ Air Filtration System
Twin B Section Belts
Heavy Duty 2B Centrifugal Clutch
1400 mm
730 mm
1200 mm
160 kg
350 mm
350 mm
4.80 x 4.00 x 8 Highway Pattern
Sandblasted & Powdercoated Finish
Mining Grade Rotational Tungsten Carbide Grinding Teeth
Lifting Hook
Operator Presence Control Bar
12 Months On Machine and 2 Years On Engine As Per Specification
90 Days In Commercial Applications / 90 Days In Hire And Rental
SG350 Stump Grinder Manual
SG350 Stump Grinder Electric Start
Tyre assembly
Electric Start Option
The Tie Down points conveniently located at the rear of the machine allow for quick tie do
(A) Throttle Cable<br />(B)Height Adjustment<br />(C) On/Off<br />(D) Safety Bar
Heavy Duty Centrifugal Clutch
SG350 Stump Grinder Safety Skirting
SG350 Stump Grinder Lifting Hook
SG350 Lifting Hook At Rental Company
This feature allows the operator to grind the stump from multiple height positions.
The Wheel Brake is activated by pulling the hand lever. This device locks the wheel so tha
SG350 Old Dry Cypress Stump
SG350 Old Dry Cypress Stump Eliminated
Red Roo SG350 In Action
SG350 Delivers Results
Shows pre cleaner bowl attached to air filter
Red Roo SG350 At The Stump
Grease nipple is located at the top of the bearing housing, protected by the main body.
SG350 Electric Start Units ready for dispatch

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The details for shipping the SG350 Stumpgrinder are shown below:

SG 350 Stumpgrinder

SG350 Stumpgrinder (Shipping Dimensions banded to pallet)

Width    745mm

Length   1850mm

Height   1500mm

Weight  200kgs (Shipping Weight Including Pallet)

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