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Red Roo Rents offers a comprehensive range of Commercial Stump Grinders, Commercial Wood Chippers and light weight trailers for rent to  the Arborist Industry in Victoria. Red Roo Rents gives the Arborist the flexibility of using a Stump Grinder or Wood Chipper without having to make a significant capital investment and for a period of time that suits the Arborist.

Light weight all alloy trailers are included in the rental package to transport our stump grinders. These trailers come standard with electric brakes, make sure your tow vehicle is equipped with a brake controller.

Please click here to visit our Red Roo Rents website  for details on pricing and availability of our wood chippers, log splitters & stump grinders for hire.   Please note Red Roo Rents is only available in Victoria.  


Commercial Wood ChippersDailyWeeklyMonthly
See all photos for Red Roo 770 150mm (6")Red Roo 770 150mm (6")

The Red Roo 770 Wood Chipper is the ideal choice when a powerful compact machine is required. Thi… read more

See all photos for Red Roo 1260 150mm (6")Red Roo 1260 150mm (6")

Red Roo 1260 Wood Chipper is a ideal for the entry level arborist, lawn and garden contractor, golf… read more

See all photos for Red Roo 1790 230mm (9")Red Roo 1790 230mm (9")

The Red Roo 1790 Commercial Wood Chipper has the capability to process branches up to 230mm (9"). Th… read more

See all photos for Red Roo 1712 305mm (12")Red Roo 1712 305mm (12")

The Red Roo 1712 Disc Woodchipper is powered by a 99hp(74kw) Kubota turbo diesel engine. The Red… read more

See all photos for Red Roo 2015 380mm (15")Red Roo 2015 380mm (15")

The Red Roo 2015 Commercial Woodchipper manages aggressive feeding by the use of an exclusive lon… read more

Log SplittersDailyWeeklyMonthly
See all photos for HLS Hydraulic Log Splitter With Lift TableHLS Hydraulic Log Splitter With Lift Table

Red Roo Hydraulic Log Splitters makes light work of the toughest Australian hardwood. This unit is p… read more

Stump GrindersDailyWeeklyMonthly
See all photos for SG30TRX Stump GrinderSG30TRX Stump Grinder

The all hydraulic SG30TRX is powered by a 31hp (23kw) Briggs and Stratton V Twin Vanguard engine.… read more

See all photos for SP5014-2WD Stump GrinderSP5014-2WD Stump Grinder

The SP5014-2WD series is a four wheeled self propelled stumpgrinder designed to deliver maximum c… read more

See all photos for SHP400 Pivot Over Center Stump GrinderSHP400 Pivot Over Center Stump Grinder

The Red Roo SHP400 stump grinder's unique design pivots over the center line of the wheels al… read more


The SP5014NTX couples the industry's best hydraulic controlled self-propelled grinder with th… read more

See all photos for SP7015-4WD  Stump GrinderSP7015-4WD Stump Grinder

The SP7015 is the best value stumpgrinder on the market today. Powered by a 65hp Kubota Liquid Co… read more

See all photos for SP7015-TRX Stump GrinderSP7015-TRX Stump Grinder

The SP7015TRX track machine is powered by a 66hp (50kw) Kubota Turbo Diesel and features a wirele… read more

See all photos for SP8018-TRX Stump GrinderSP8018-TRX Stump Grinder

99HP Kubota Turbo Diesel Power

read more

Trailers AluminiumDailyWeeklyMonthly
See all photos for Red Roo ATA3.0 Aluminium TrailerRed Roo ATA3.0 Aluminium Trailer

Red Roo ATA3.0 Aluminium Trailer is a lightweight (500kgs), tandem axle trailer, with a superior loa… read more

See all photos for Red Roo ATA45 Aluminium TrailerRed Roo ATA45 Aluminium Trailer

Red Roo ATA45 Aluminium Trailer has a Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) of 4500kg). It is a lightweight (770k… read more


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Red Roo Sales and Service has been involved in the manufacturing and distribution of commercial environmental equipment for over forty years. From the Do it Yourself customer to the commercial contractor, Red Roo is committed to providing the best quality machine in the industry.

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Red Roo has a comprehensive range of equipment and we understand that product information is critical to your business to achieve its full potential and to maximise customer satisfaction. We provide a library of videos that are second to none in the industry.  Red Roo products are jointly manufactured in Australia and the United States of America. 

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