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SHP400 Clutch

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Part number: 0310-0012 Clutch to suit Red Roo SHP400 or Rhyscorp Stump Humper

Basic Principles
An Electric Clutch operates on the principles of magnetic attraction and friction. Closing the engagement switch sends electric current to a coil, which generates an electromagnetic field. This produces a strong magnetic force which concentrates around the magnetic poles of the field. The force jumps a small airgap between a field and rotor assembly, effectively making the rotor a spinning magnet. This "magnet" attracts the armature, gripping it tightly against the rotor face, and friction causes the armature to spin with the rotor. Opening the Switch turns off the magnet, disengaging the clutch.

Red Roo SHP400 Clutch
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Red Roo SHP400 Clutch
Red Roo SHP400 Clutch Cut Away
Magnetic Clutch Brake

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